Goldfish Brand

Goldfish Brand Curry sauce concentrates started Keejays; they have been around for over 35 years.

Beginning with our original Chinese Curry Sauce, they were initially available only to the kitchens of the growing Chinese takeaway market. Soon, they were  adopted by the great traditional British Fish and Chip industry and Chips & Curry Sauce became a classic up and down the nation.

Easy to use, just add water to make a fantastic, consistent and cost-effective smooth, velvety sauce.

In 2019, we added a completely new product to our concentrate range - Sweet & Sour. Made to have an ideal balance of sweetness coupled with a piquant vinegar hit, it is perfect for serving as a hot or cool dipping sauce alongside scampi, chips, chicken and battered fish and more.

Once made, Goldfish Brand Professional sauces can be cooled in cups, stored in the fridge, re-heated in the microwave for convenience or held in a bain-maire. Just some of the many reasons why they are so popular today across whole range of catering, hospitality and food service outlets and establishments.

The Goldfish Brand Professional range is available in five fantastic, versatile flavours: original Chinese curry; Japanese Katsu-Style curry; Madras curry; Hot & Spicy curry; and of course our Sweet & Sour sauce.

Due to the popularly of our concentrates, in the 90's we launched Goldfish Brand for the home cook in a smaller, more cupboard-friendly, gold-topped, now iconic pot. Over the years, this has gone through several designs as fashions change, but in 2020 we completely overhauled our packaging to eliminate all black plastic from the design.

The for-home Goldfish Brand range is currently available in four flavours: original Chinese curry; Japanese Katsu-Style curry; Madras curry; and Hot & Spicy curry.

Goldfish Brand Curry Sauce Range

As our relationship with the Fish & Chip shop trade has grown and evolved over the last 35 years, we have been listening to what our friends and colleagues in the industry tell us they need. This is why several years ago we launched our Goldfish Brand Tomato Ketchup. A rich tomato flavour coupled with a hearty vinegar kick, this tomato ketchup is the perfect partner to not just fish & chips, but a whole host of takeaway classics including burgers, gammon steak, steak and chips, chicken and scampi.