Taste by Keejays of Suffolk


Our inspiration for the new TASTE range of sauces came for our love of food and especially sauces. They are inspired by our travels to wonderful destinations around the world, from Far Distant Shores to firm family favourites. We have re-created holiday favourites to transport you back to the tastes, sounds and sights of those unforgettable holiday evenings.

Our Taste sauces give that comforting “home cooked” flavour and texture, with the convenience of having a meal on the table in just a few minutes. Our sauces offer true wholesome, fast food from your own kitchen.

Taste Keejays of Suffolk authentic, quick and easy cook-in sauces come in six amazing, popular, authentic flavours, from around the world.

Just because you don’t have time to cook from scratch doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to enjoy amazing meals without the hassle.
Currently in the range:


Penang Creamy Coconut Curry Sauce – Great Taste Award 2014 one star
A rich, aromatic, creamy, yet mild curry sauce. Cumin, coriander and kaffir lime leaf are blended with coconut milk for a fragrant, rich sauce which cooks well with all meats and seafood.

A meal to transport you back to this food haven with its fascinating fusion of tastes, cultures and scenery.


Spanish Tomato Sauce with Smoked Paprika
Mild, earthy Spanish paprika has been blended with basil, garlic and sundried tomatoes to create a wonderful, rich, aromatic sauce which cooks well with chicken, meatballs and fish.

It can also be used to re-create that holiday tapas favourite, Patatas Bravas, with the addition of a few chilli flakes.


Tomato and Chilli “Angry” Pasta Sauce
Sweet tomatoes with the addition of chilli flakes makes this a wonderful spicy sauce which cooks well with all meats or can be used simply stirred through cooked pasta for that wonderful taste of Italy.

Why not serve the traditional way with Penne pasta or add some cooked smoky bacon and onions to create the classic Amatriciana.


Tomato Pasta Sauce (ideal for Bolognese)
Our light, classic fresh tasting tomato sauce is perfect for adding to minced beef to make a Bolognese to add to pasta.

Also delicious served simply stirred through some pasta and garnished with cheese, classic simplicity at its best.


Jong Po (Deep Fried Chilli Beef Sauce)
This traditional Pekinese sauce is used to create a true family favourite, Deep Fried Crispy Chilli Beef. Fermented yellow beans, garlic, five spice and Szechuan pepper are blended with tomatoes and vinegar to create a delicious hot, sour and tangy sauce with a real hint of chilli heat.

The sauce can also be used for stir frying or for making amazing ribs. A true taste of the Orient.


Smoky BBQ – for all seasons
A rich luxurious, sweet, smoky BBQ sauce inspired by our travels through the famous BBQ homelands of the USA. Our secret is all in the blending and the quality of the tomatoes we use, together with a hint of smoke for an awesome sauce.

This sauce can be used to recreate family favours such as BBQ Ribs, Hunters Chines and BBQ Pulled Pork.

Taste Keejays of Suffolk top down squeezy bottle range of sauces come in four mouth-watering, unique Asian flavours to enjoy with every meal. An exciting alternative to your regular table sauce.

Korean BBQ – Sweet and Spicy
From the undulating lands of Korea our adventures inspire us to bring you this fragrant, sweet and spicy, full bodied bbq sauce with subtle garlic and ginger notes. This is a distinctive sauce with a good chilli kick.


Tokyo Teriyaki – Lustrous and Sticky
From the urban streets of Tokyo we have taken this street food favourite traditionally used as a marinade and blended soya sauce with a hint of lime, garlic and ginger to create a lustrous and sticky Teriyaki sauce.


Peking Hoisin – Aromatic and Sweet
Back to our roots in China this popular, sweet, fragrant, aromatic sauce using fermented yellow beans, cassia, coriander and cinnamon is most well- known for serving with Peking Duck. This versatile sauce goes with everything!


Tai Po Chilli – Fragrant and Spicy
From our homelands of Tai Po Village in Hong Kong, this lovely, sweet, spicy sauce with aromatic habanero chillis, citrus lemon & lime, together with sweet plum blends perfectly creating a unique chilli sauce.


Now you have a Taste for Keejays of Suffolk
See our Taste from Keejays website for recipe ideas: www.tastefromkeejays.com