Our Corporate Identity

Keejays is a family business through and through, even down to its name; Kee from Mr Kee Wah Lee, our company's founder, and Jay taken from the middle name of his sons.

Mr Lee's own signature has shaped the Keejays "signature" and logo to reflect our identity, strong principals and values that he always upheld and to continue to remind everyone in the business daily, with Mr Kee Wah Lee only with us in spirit, to stay true to and continue to take inspiration from his core values. Wherever you see the Keejays signature, you can be assured that it signifies everything that Mr Kee Wah Lee stood for.

Our Cherry Tree on the logo also has a particular emotional link to our founder, it signifies strength, growth and new beginnings with vitality and is encircled to signify eternity.

For our Goldfish Brand, we didn't simply pluck an animal out of thin air. Nor do we use Goldfish in the making of any of our sauces (as we're sometimes asked!). In Chinese culture, according to Feng Shui, a fish represents wealth and prosperity as does the colour gold.

And, finally, our Taste Keejays of Suffolk range - the newest of our sauces. This signifies how our business is moving forward. While our Curry Concentrates will always be at the very heart of our business, as we continue to travel and explore new countries and cultures we have developed a passion and intrigue for new tastes and flavours. Those that we have brought back with us, our favourites from around the globe, are showcased in this very special collection.

We simply invite you to "Share in our passion for quality sauces", whether a customer, business partner, retailer, chef or shopper and we hope you enjoy what we make for you.