Our Team

Still a family business through and through, our trusted and experienced team members make up our extended family. Wherever we are; every day we work together to bring our ideas and inspiration to the melting pot. Although not too large we have a wealth of diverse knowledge and skill sets to offer our clients a professional, but warm and friendly service.

The Keejays family includes:

Sammy Lee
Sammy originally founded Keejays with his father, Mr Kee Wah Lee, in 1985. Very much involved in the day-to-day business, Sammy works closely with all members of the extended family and attends to the many aspects of running a corporate business with family values.

A self confessed foodie, which helps with this job, Sammy has spent many years investing as a customer in eateries all over the world. His taste buds have experienced a wealth of flavours from wasps served in the inner depths of China to the fine cooking of the top chefs of the world.

Ming Lee
Sammy's younger brother, Ming joined the business in 1990 after training as an electrical engineer, to work alongside his father to expand his development skills in the fine art of sauce making. Utilising his knowledge as an electrical engineer, Ming also oversees the many systems - mechanical, hydraulic and electrical - within the factory to ensure the smooth running of our production.

Ming rather likes to indulge in all things chocolate and has a passion for the finer coffee beverages. However, from time to time we do have to reign him in with his experimentation with unusual ingredients behind the scenes.

Amanda Walden
Having joined the family a decade ago, Amanda is now following her life-long passion for all things food, bringing to the family business her fined tuned senses of taste and smell to the great benefit of the products that Keejays produce.

She also looks after the essential areas of Marketing, PR, Financial and the day-to-day aspects of running a successful business alongside Sammy to ensure the smooth running of the commercial side of the Company.

Our very own multi-talented genius, Amanda has developed solutions that would be the Eureka Moments of the food industry and indeed the modern world. However her modesty prevents the rest of the world from knowing her contributions.