Goldfish Brand Hand Sanitising Gel

Goldfish Brand Hand Sanitising Gel Bottles

Introducing the new Goldfish Brand Hand Sanitising Gel.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the UK, we at Keejays wanted to make a new product for essential and key workers who continue to work tirelessly across the UK - in hospitals, care homes, schools, food and drink businesses, and many more. What's more, we wanted to make something for those who are not able to use heavily the fragranced products already on the market.

Made with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol, the Goldfish Brand Hand Sanitising Gel will kill 99.9% of bacteria and virus while at the same time being non-perfumed, quick drying and easy-to-use. With no sticky residue, this gel is absorbed quickly into the skin and leaves a smooth, clean, moisturised feeling for those who use it – perfect for professional kitchens, factories and other food-producing premises, as well as a whole host of other businesses looking for these characteristics.

Our Goldfish Brand Hand Sanitising Gel is available for customers in two formats – 300ml top-down squeezy bottle or 5L container.

Please get in touch with the team on or 01473 827304 for further information including pricing and distribution.